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Create transformation morphing effects between 2 images



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Do you know what morphing is? Maybe you don't know exactly what it means, but for sure that you have seen a morphing effect. When we talk about morphing effect we are talking about those images which are converted into another.

It is a transformation effect between 2 pictures. It is frequently used to see how the time has affected a person.

Fun Morph allows you to create, by a simply way, this kind of transformation effects.

You only have to choose two photographs, and mark the keypoints (normally, eyes, mouth, nose and eyes) Once you have done this, Fun Morph will do the rest.

If you are trying to compare two photographs with different file format, you don't have to worry, because FunMorph includes several options to resize them.

In addition, the final result can be saved as an AVI, GIF or SWF file.

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